Car Care Tip: Bird Droppings

Finally, spring is here! The sun is out, flowers are beginning to bloom, and the birds begin to sing. Birds are beautiful and peaceful creatures as they chirp and soar across the sky, however, their droppings may be causing permanent damage to your vehicles paint and clear coat.

Bird Droppings contain Uric Acid (which adds the white complexion to the wast material) - a chemical that is corrosive enough to quickly eat through a coating of wax or sealant and begin to etch the paint. The Uric Acid levels in bird droppings are quite high which breaks down your car's protectant coatings.

As the sun warms the car's metal, the metal expands slightly along with the paint and clear coat. In fact, the clear coat becomes absorbent and allows some of the Uric Acid to penetrate. At night, as everything cools down, the clear coat starts to harden again. Only now it hardens around the newly incorporated Uric Acid. Over time, this constant expansion and contraction allows the Uric Acid to slowly etch into the clear coat and into your car's precious paint. Aware that acidic etching can happen in a matter of minutes on a hot surface we recommend keeping a small bottle of cleaner and a soft microfiber towel with you in case of these situations. Pristine Detailing, LLC can show you proper techniques to remove bird droppings and can also provide you with the recommended products.

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