Coatings 101

What are Coatings?

True Coatings are a great way of protecting your vehicles exterior surfaces. Majority of Coatings for your car which some are guaranteed for up to 7 years.

Can I purchase a coating and apply it myself?

Yes! There are some Coatings available at the retail level. you can get Opti-Coat 2.0, Gtechnique C1 & EXO, CQuartz, Ceramic Pro, and others. All of these produce a great level of protection IF you have properly prepared the surface and applied the coating according to the manufactures speculations. But be aware, if the coatings are not properly applied, you won't be happy with the results and the cost of correcting such issues can be costly. Why? Because they are ceramic based and in many cases, are very difficult to polish out due to their hardness and may require sanding, compounding, and polishing to correct.

What is the Cost of having a coating applied to my four door sedan?

Depending on the coating level you're requesting, prices typically start at around $400.00.

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