Eco Friendly - Protecting Our Environment

Only 40% of consumers know that professional car washing is more environmentally friendly than driveway washing.

53% of consumers prefer to buy from businesses with a green reputation and 80% are concerned about the environment.

75% of consumers say it is important for companies to provide information about the environment impacts of their products.

For those of you that have visited us here at Pristine Detailing in Ashland, you may know that we wash nearly every car in out shop. How do we do this? We use a special bond of Eco-Friendly cleaners and polymers, which encapsulates the dirt and is then carefully, wiped clean using quality micro-fiber towels. This special solution allows us to clean nearly every surface with only about 16 ounces of water without the risk of scratching the paint. After the initial Cleaning process, we then continue out detailing processes which may include polish, waxes, sealants, or coatings.

Not every automobile can be cleaned using this process due to amount of dirt or other contaminants.

For these vehicles, out two bucket method is preferred.

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