Gtechniq Smart Fabric Carpet Protectant

With nicer weather comes the joys of vacations, road trips, and visiting family. With everyone belted in and ready to go, you take off down the road when suddenly a passenger spills their drink all over your clean seats and carpet. During a road trip your options may be limited when it comes to cleaning spills and stains, but what if we told you there are ways to keep those everyday spills and messes from soaking into you upholstery? Here at Pristine Detailing we offer many services not only to remove stains but also prevent them. Some products such as Gtechniq's Smart Fabric (for sale at Pristine Detailing) will block messes from entering your carpets and seats. Once it is applied all liquids will 'bead up' on top of the surface so that nothing will stain. So next time whenever you have an accidental mess, if its a drink, or even mud, all you have to do is dab the surface dry or shake the carpets and the mess will run right off leaving your car's interior stain free.


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