Waxes, Sealants, and Coatings: What are the benefits?

Ever since the first car rolled off the assembly line in 1908, car owners have struggled to come up with a way to help protect the painted and non painted surfaces on their automobiles.

For many years, various types of waxes were used to help maintain the outside of automobiles. This has been a very common practice and is still used on cars today. The problem with waxes is that they don't last, in fact, waxes typically sit on top of the paint and melt at approximately 80 degrees. On average wax only lasts 2-3 months on a daily driver.

Sealants provide a much better solution than waxes. Why? because they bond better with the paint and won't was off near as easy. Quality sealants provide UV protection to help fight against Sun Bleaching and Oxidation while giving a superior gloss for a longer period of time.

For even better, longer term of protection, Ceramic Coating is far superior to waxes or sealants. These coatings are designed to permanently bond with the surface of your car's painted surface and if applied by a Certified Installer, are guaranteed for years. Some comes with a seven year, or more, guarantee. With the cost of automobiles today, and everyone wating to get the highest trade-in value for their used cars, having it coated by a Certified Installer while it's still new is the best way to protect your investment for many years.

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