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Scratch Removal & Paint Correction

Vehicle Paint Correction: we use special techniques and processes to enhance the paint and finish of your vehicle. Our services are based on extensive training and certification with specific tools.

Our detailing services includes paint scratch removal. To accomplish results with improving your vehicle paint and finish we work directly with the surface. In other words, we don't use filler products that change the fabric of your vehicle. Instead we deal directly with the painted surface to maximize a long lasting protection which also provides you with an authentic finish that won't peel, fade or blemish due to "filler" products. Stop by with your vehicle, we will be happy to provide you with an estimate for enhancing your paint.

Caring For Your Vehicle Paint Finish

Proper paint correction isn’t something that just anyone can do. And a matter of fact, it’s something that a very small percentage of people working with detailing services truly understand. Most factories, body shops, and even the majority of people working in the detailing industry aren’t aware of the level that can be achieved with paint refinement. It’s part science, part artistry, and part obsessive-compulsive behavior! No two jobs are the same, and each vehicle has its own unique set of needs. Because of this, it’s imperative that each situation is fully evaluated and the final process cannot be established without first testing different products, tools, and techniques to figure out what’s going to be the best solution for that particular car on that particular day.


We have a variety of tools and techniques that to make your finish as clear and glossy as possible. Once we discuss your needs and your budget we will suggest a solution that fits your situation. Our maintenance program will help you protect the investment in your vehicle.

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